Saturday, December 18, 2010

Finished in just under 6.5 hours

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Last Ultra of Year

This Saturday morning I will be running an Ultra in Northern Wisconsin. The Tuscobia Ultra in Park Falls. This being a winter ultra is much like Arrowhead in that you can bike, ski or run it and it's done on trails. This one has multiple distances to pick from. 50K, 75 miles and 150 miles. I slacked off quite a bit after the LeanHorse 100 mile event in August and am building up my mileage again to be ready for Arrowhead. I'm not quite ready for a 75 mile run pulling a sled so I'll just be doing the 50k fun run. The weather looks favorable though I am a bit concerned about the surface in that they've been getting some snow and the trail doesn't get much snowmobile traffic until after Christmas. We need the snowmobiles for packing. Deep snow and I'll use snowshoes but ankle deep I will just use running shoes. Either way I'm looking forward to a fun 31 miles of scenic Northern Wisconsin, running on snow, as I get ready for Arrowhead again the end of January.