Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Relaxing Fall

It's been a while so I'll get you caught up on what's been going on.

My wife ran the Home Run 10k the end of September. She raised a few dollars for the Roger Maris Cancer Center here in Fargo. We lost both of Kristy's parents to cancer. Kristy performed well and easily made her goal time. I rode bike around the course and cheered. It was a very inspiring day to see some people out there that maybe aren't normally on the road but make it out to this event either as a remembrance of a loved one or a celebration of survival.

This guy was my hero of the day at the Home Run event. Running with Heart.
Shirt: This Run Is For Dad

Next up was a trip down to the Twin Cities to watch my sister Jodi run with her friend Nicole who was trying to qualify for Boston. Having stayed with my other sister Judy and having her cart me around the town was an added bonus. She's lived there all of her adult life and knows her way around which can be a little tricky come marathon day. We were able to see Jodi and Nicole at the start, 14 miles, 20 miles and the finish. They both came in 2-3 minutes under Nicole's qualifying time. It wasn't easy for them but a marathon effort never is no matter what your pace. Jon was there as well and paced with another friend, Connie, who was making her marathon debut. I was only able to catch a glimpse of them at the start but watched their bacon powered triumphant finish on the KARE 11 website.

The FM Mini Marathon seems to be a hit. Kristy and I had many friends running this event so it was a lot of fun for us to watch. We were able to watch the start, head to Lindenwood where we could see the runners 4 different times within a couple hundred feet and then head back to the civic and watch them finish. My buddy Jon wasn't running but his wife(Erin) and sister(Steph) were. Not a good day for a PR with the warm temps but a good day to run and Erin finished strong. This was Steph's first ever 1/2 marathon and she cruised through it with ease and had a smile on her face the whole time.

I ventured out to the grass lands last weekend. My first time back on a trail since Lean Horse. I battled with a couple herds of cattle but was able to get a good run in. With the amount of rain they've had out there this year and a high water table I was still able to keep my feet dry until the last mile.

Next up for me will be the Full Moon 5k. I've never run this event but with it filling to capacity last year in just it's second year, I must be missing something. Just kind of a neat idea to have an event at night. No pr just a fun night out.

After that I'll be getting geared up for a 50k in Iowa on December 11 and then after that I'll start focusing on Arrowhead.

As for today, it's off to Maplewood State Park for a run with some friends and the first annual BaconFest.